Kinder Morgan's Board of Directors oversees our risks and opportunities through recurring meetings of the Board and its committees. Our CEO and President also work closely with leadership and subject matter personnel to monitor progress and manage issues and opportunities, including those related to climate. 

Corporate Governance

Kinder Morgan's corporate governance guidelines reflect the company's commitment to maintaining the trust and confidence of securityholders, employees, customers and other people with whom we do business.

Code of Business Conduct and Ethics

Kinder Morgan's Code explains many of the basic rules that apply to how we conduct our business and serves as a valuable resource guide to help ensure that our employee’s actions are representative of our expectations and values.

Operations Management System (OMS)

Kinder Morgan’s OMS captures our important operational objectives and expectations into a single management system. A management system is a framework that an organization uses to direct and control work to achieve its objectives in an intentional and continual manner.

Annual and Quarterly Reports

KMI Annual and Quarterly filings with the Security and Exchange Commission.

Conflict Minerals Policy and Report

Kinder Morgan supports ending the violence and human rights violations that have been partially financed by conflict minerals.